DTH Portability – Switching to other DTH connection will become easier

As we all know, mobile number portability gives us the option to change our network connection without changing our existing number, if the service is not up to the mark, we can use the option. The same technology is coming in DTH, for example if you have Airtel Digital TV connection, but you want to switch to Independent TV because channels are available there at cheaper rates. Then you don’t wish to buy a new set top box and whole new setup, if without giving the whole money to Independent TV.


You just have to pay the monthly rental and watch TV with fun.

Keeping this in mind, this technology is about to enter the market called DTH Portability, using this technology would allow you to switch from one network to other without changing your whole setup which means your existing setup will stay likewise how it used to be.

Now you must be wondering,

How it would work…???

You must have notice the fact that a specific connection works with their respective signals, so this can be a challenging task to execute this technology as it isn’t revealed yet. According to the sources, it is going to be launched this year only, so keep your fingers crossed and wait for the same.

Still there is one question left,

If set top box is not gonna change, antenna is also not gonna change and would stay the same, then what would make the difference, so it seems like the card that we insert in the set top box would change and that will make the whole difference.

One question is still unanswered,

What would be cost of changing the network…???

So the answer is, charges would be as less as rupees 50-100, but it is not sure as there isn’t any official statement, but according to the sources, the charges would be very less and totally affordable. This technology is going to be really helpful and useful for all customers, specially at this point of time when there are new rules by TRAI.

You can go through our youtube video to get more details on the same.

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