How to Send Money to foreign from India ?

People often wonder my daughter or some relative is in abroad, away from home, what if someday they feel shortage of money, how can i help them at such point of time…!!

If you also relate to the story stated above, then don’t worry. We have a solution, here we are stating the three best ways to send your money safely to foreign countries.



The best 1st way Instarem overseas money transfer. Do visit the Instarem website, and check all the details. Aadhar card is mandatory to use this service and your aadhar card should must be linked with your mobile number and your pan card is required too. Firstly you need to sign up and fill all the details like name, date of birth, aadhar number, the moment you fill these details you will get an OTP in your mobile number so that you can approve your account. After authentication you will be required to fill your pan number, mobile number and again you need to verify your mobile number through OTP. After filling all the details and final approval, your account is ready for money transfer. Approval won’t take much time usually but in some cases if it takes time, you can contact them through the help desk or support and ask for help. After approval you can finally proceed for the payment process, there u need to fill the details of the receiver. It’s an employee, it’s a company or an individual, you need to select that. then you need to select the country name, your currency etc. then receivers personal details like their name, address, postal code etc. Receivers bank details like bank name, account number, ACH Code. After filling all these, re-check, click save and continue. Fill the amount, then continue, next you can see rates and charges, currency conversion charges and all. There you can see an option of coupan code, there you can apply [ RAJ117 ], with this coupon code you will get a discount of 10$. So enjoy your first money transfer.

Bank Wire Transfer

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2nd 1 Bank Wire transfer, do visit your Banks branch and meet the authority, and tell them that you want to send money to your relative, staying abroad, he will give you a form to fill the details including their name, address, id proof, and your id proof as well, it’s a lengthy process but a safe method, and it transfers the money directly to their bank account.


The 3rd one here is for the ones who always use online methods, i.e., PayPal, do visit the PayPal website and make an account, your email address, pan card, aadhar number, etc are required. Log in to your account, your bank account details will be required, after then to verify your account, PayPal will make 2 small transactions from your account, you need to check the amount and login again and fill the exact amount, and your account will be verified. Now you can make online purchase or send money to other PayPal account. So in this case, the receiver must have PayPal account, you just need to fill their PayPal id, amount, and you will be able to see the transaction charges as well, and then you can click submit.

And there you go, three authentic and easy methods to send your money abroad.


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