How to Surrender Electric Connections in Jharkhand

Disconnecting Electricity Connections isn’t Easy – Is it in Real

Let’s Clear the myth about this topic. Taking electric connections now a days is so easy and it don’t take too much time. But did you ever thought about to surrender your electric connections . If yes than you may have to visit your nearby offices many time but in this article we will discuss that how you can surrender you electric connections in just few steps.

How To Surrender Electric connection in Just few Steps ?

First of all you have to write an application to the respective officer in your electric office mentioning that you want to surrender your electric connection and also you have to mention the reason for disconnecting your electric connection.

There are many reasons to surrender your electric connection such as

  • If you are two connection and you want to surrender one connection
  • You have connection in your shop and you want to surrender that connection because the shop has been closed
  • You have installed a solar system in your house

The second thing you have to do is to clear your bills till date and a month in advance , because our electricity bills shows the bills for last month . so you have to clear you due bills and bill of one extra month

Finally you have to submit the application along with the cleared electric bill . Once you submit your application your request will be processed .

Remember one thing that you have to show any proof when any officer will raid in your house for any electricity matters, for this just xerox the signed application and show it for your safety and clarifications.

That’s all you need to know about the process to surrender your electric connection in Jharkhand.


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