Is your money safe in Punjab National Bank ?

Beware of Spyware

Punjab National Bank,one of the most oldest and trusted bank is going through a tough stage right now, it is not the banks fault but it is a spyware which is causing the whole damage.

Punjab National Bank issued an alert for the account holders of Punjab National Bank. Bank made the alert through it’s twitter account which says a spyware is collecting data out of the account holders private information, without informing them. So the account holders should must change the information of their PIN and password.

This is happening through mobile application. Therefore bank said,if you have installed PNB app on your phone, the theft is taking place on your app. This is happening because users are downloading some suspecious apps which is collecting the data.

PNB informed their users not to install any such theme or app, that reads your call history, message or any other useful things, just do not let them access your private information unnecessarily. The spyware can use your data to empty your account balance. This is a wake up call for you to be alert.

Bank suggested their account holders to use a good antivirus on their phone, and also update the operating system. Beware of the use of pirated apps.

What is a Spyware…???

Spyware also works as a program. This is made for spying users. It hides itself in the background and checks your online activity. It reads your ID, password, credit card number, and your way of using internet. Spyware can also record your keyboard, video and microphone.


If your account has gone through this sort of theft then you can talk to Banks Customer Care officer to block your card and at the same time change your banking password. You can even file a Police Complaint against the same.

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