Jio New Recharge Plans From 6 December 2019

Jio New All in One Plans from 6 december 2019

As you know, Telecom Industry is in the trending news. After the announcement of AGR (Adjusted Gross Revenue) , Telecom Companies are in Huge Loss except Reliance Jio. So, All companies has started price hike in their recharge plans. You can see the changes in airtel and Vodafone Idea , after that Reliance Jio has announce the price hike in their recharge plans that they are launching new all in plans and the old plans will be discontinued.


Reliance Jio,s New Recharge Plans

Earlier Recharges of Reliance jio are really affordable than others but now there won’t be any recharges of 149 with 28 days validity and you have to pay Rs.199 in place of 149 plan with same benefits

New All in One Plans
New Recharge Plans   Validity Data Calls

(Jio to Jio Unlimited)

Rs.199   28 Days 1.5GB/Day 1000 FUP Mins
Rs.249   28 Days 2GB/Day 1000 FUP Mins
Rs.349   28 Days 3GB/Day 1000 FUP Mins


Rs.399   56 Days 1.5GB/Day 2000 FUP Mins
Rs.444   56 Days 2GB/Day 2000 FUP Mins
Rs.555   84 Days 1.5GB/Day 3000 FUP Mins
Rs.599   84 Days 2GB/Day 3000 FUP Mins


Rs.2199   365 Days 1.5GB/Day 12000 FUP Mins
Rs.129   28 Days 2GB 1000 FUP Mins
Rs.329   84 Days 6GB 3000 FUP Mins
Rs.1299   365Days 24GB 12000 FUP Mins

These are the new all in one plans applicable from 6 December 2019.

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