Play PUBG and Make Money upto Rs.700/hr.

PUBG, an online video game that has created history, that made the youth go crazy not just crazy but it kept every youth busy for no reason.

So the Government even put a ban on this online game to keep the youth away from it and as a result now players above the age of 18 can play this game since everyone thought of it as a time wastage, but now it seems like things are changing…!!

PUBG is not just an online video game right now, its much more than that, this platform provides you an opportunity to earn money, yes it is true…!!!

Earlier a platform of entertainment can now make you earn money, so this came out of a report published in China, according to the report a graduate girl in China, earned money just by playing PUBG for an hour. The sum of money she earned was rupees 700.

China offers a platform called Game Companions, people in China are chosen specially to play online video games for such platforms, through netease. This is how people are sending request to unknown people, playing games with them, chatting with them online. These tournaments are happening in India and bettings are happening through whatsapp groups. The money of betting is taken through Paytm and Google Pay. I hope it was useful, and for more details, do watch our youtube video on the same.

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