Just ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, a landmark decision has been taken by Narendra Modi-led NDA government. For the economically backward people belonging to the General category, ten per cent reservation in jobs and higher education will be provided.

Basic query related to the above statement…

  • Will the existing reservation be affected??

The answer is NO. The reservation will be over and above the already existing 50 per cent reservation. This reservation will be added to the existing one which means we will have 60 per cent of total reservation in our country.

  • Who is eligible for the 10 per cent reservation…??

According to the Minister of State, Social Justice-

“Brahmins, Banias, Muslims & Christians all will be eligible for this quota in jobs and education.”

  • But will there be any problems…??

 Yes, of course since currently, honourable Supreme Court has put an upper limit of 50% on quota limit. So anything beyond this limit will require constitutional amendment. For the implementation of the decision, article 15 and 16 needs to be amended.

  • Definition of economically backward people…??

A person will fall under economically backward category if:

  1. their annual income is below Rs. 8 lakh,
  2. they own agricultural land of less than five hectares
  3. they own homes smaller than 1,000 sq. ft.
  4. they own residential plots below 109 yards in notified municipality
  5. they own residential plots below 209 yards in non notified municipality area.


This amendment has not yet been passed, it has just been presented in the parliament. This concept is not new, many political parties have previously supported and presented this idea. Therefore it seems, there won’t be much difficulty for the implementation.

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